What is the conference language?

The whole conference will be in English. Although we host in Germany and we are (mostly) German, we like to open this symposium to international scholars and audiences and therefore decided to organise everything in English.

How long should the presentations be?

Presentations should be 30 minutes long. We will follow this by a 15 minute discussion about your paper, before we continue with the programme. We will provide a Windows Laptop for presentations, so you should bring them as a PowerPoint or PDF file.

Will the conference be published?

Yes! We can’t tell exactly where, but we have the funding for an open access publication and it needs to be published in 2019, so pretty close.

Can I attend the conference without giving a paper?

Yes, absolutely! We invite everyone who is interested to join this conference as a guest. You do not have to register or pay anything. We especially invite students to join us, as this topic is relevant for a wide range of studies.