Conference Programme

Our programme is ready, ready enough to share. We start on the 12th with a session on “Archaeogaming”, followed by a session on “Learning in the museum” and a conference dinner for the participants. On the second day, we continue with a session on “Digital tools in the classroom” and on “Digital Learning Evironments”. After the presentations, we join for technical demonstrations and a final discussion.

There is also a PDF version of the programme to print out and hang in your institute!

Friday, 12th of October 2018 | Tagungsraum, Neues Seminargebäude

Registration is open!

Welcome and Introduction

Session 1: Archaeogaming
Erik Champion
Games People Dig: Are They Archaeological Experiences or Archaeological Systems?

10:00-10:45Csilla Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke/Krijn Boom/Angus Mol/Aris Politopoulos
Digital Playgrounds: Communicating Knowledge of the Past through Video Games

Coffee Break

11:15-12:00Xavier Rubio-Campillo
Learning by design: the use of video game mechanics to explain the past

12:00-12:45L. Meghan Dennis
Same As It Ever Was: The Perils of Replicating an Ethic of Coloniality in Archaeogaming

Lunch Break

Session 2: Learning in the museum
Anna Riethus
Inclusive gaming at the museum – Can app games help us with becoming a more inclusive place for visually impaired visitors?

14:45-15:30Stephan Quick
Digital media in the LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten

Coffee Break

16:00-16:45Adolfo Muñoz/Ana Martí Testón
Almoina AR: An immersive experience for an archaeological museum with Hololens Glasses

16:45-17:30 – Sebastian Hageneuer
The challenges of archaeological reconstruction: Back then, now and tomorrow

Conference Dinner


Saturday, 13th of October 2018 | Hörsaal XVIII, Hauptgebäude

Session 3: Digital tools in the classroom
Katherine Cook
Hacking Classrooms for Communities: Augmenting Collaboration Through Digital Scholarship

9:45-10:30Michael Remmy
The X marks the spot – Using geo-games in teaching archeology

Coffee Break

11:00-11:45Juan Hiriart
Designing and Using Digital Games as Historical Learning Contexts

Session 4: Digital learning environments
David Hölscher
Communicating current research content through multimedia learning environments. Insights into a joint university and Leibniz Gemeinschaft research project from Kiel

Lunch Break

13:30-14:15Felicitas Fiedler/Erika Holter/Una Ulrike Schäfer/Sebastian Schwesinger
Understanding Ancient Spaces: Virtual Environments as a Tool

14:15-15:00Sierra McKinney/Sara Perry
Developing digital archaeology for young people: A model for fostering empathy and dialogue in formal and informal learning environments

Technical demonstrations with coffee

Final discussion